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All electrical systems must always meet a certain code or set of codes in order to be safe and legal. We will inspect and fix any wiring or project to bring it up to the right code so you stay up-to-date.

Keeping it legal all year long

 •  Electrical inspections

 •  Electrical fixes

 •  Proper electric installation

 •  Reliable service

 •  Timely service




for your protection!

We will inspect your electrical system to make sure it is running right and if it isn't, we'll get it that way. Our electrical services are second to none in the Torrington region.

It's important to keep your home or business up-to-date. Call us.


Maintenance needs:

Inspections done right

When you use us, you can stop counting. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we'll be there for large and small projects, as well as emergency service when you need us.

Counting the days until the electric works right?

Let us help maintain the electrical system in your home and at your place of business. When you count on the experts, you know the job will be done with ease and speed.

Marvelous maintenance for you

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