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When your property needs new electrical equipment to allow it to run safely and more efficiently, we are the company for you. Our years of experience give us the edge on any electrical installation job.

A thoroughly modern business updated for you

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 •  Motor gates

 •  Camera systems

 •  Parking lot lighting

 •  General services

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We'll help create something new for your business or fix something old that still has some life left in it. Always count on us for affordable prices.

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What we work on:

We'll create or fix it

Your business is your way of providing for your family. It's where you spend a lot of your time. You want it to have a safe and updated electrical system. However, your home also needs an updated electrical system. Learn more about our residential services today.

Your business is just as important as your home

When you want to create something new on your commercial property, you need a trained and certified electrician to deliver the best job. Rely on Counting the Days Electric, LLC to give you just that.


Your business deserves the best